I’M TAPPING OUT! My OCD got the better of me :(

I’m tapping out, throwing in the white flag, tossing in the towel, however you put it I’m done with my self imposed 30 day weigh in challenge. I will still be working out and will be more active during the evening with my family but I need my scale back NOW!

My OCD has been kicking my ass, my world and routine has changed so much this past week and I just can’t take it anymore. I was in a routine and it’s sad to say my morning weigh in’s were a part of that which made me stay on track and work harder everyday the last couple of weeks have been rough. I would have never thought removing the scale would bother me so much plus it’s other things too. I liked my routine as strange and weird as it is, it’s my routine.

Everyday my day starts with getting up early and getting cleaned up for the day. Then I’m ready for my morning weigh in just to make sure I’m still going in the right direction. Then I make my breakfast with eggs, nuts, fruit, and vitamins. My kids are usually starting to get up because no one here gets up at the same time so I start to make the kids breakfast too. Then we have to usually get mom up and around before dad’s out the door for work. When lunch time comes around I swing by home to make my lunch which lately has been a salad including protein then it’s time for some Facebook and iPad gaming then back to work. After work my wife usually makes dinner and it seems like there is always some sort of meeting, evening activity, or something going on. Then some family time and off to bed to do it all over again.

There has been a TON of crap bothering me this week ,will it be solved if I get my scale back tomorrow morning NO it won’t but it’s something I can control in my crazy head. Also the kids will NEVER talk me into more pets, I want my house back! I better stop venting just in case my wife reads this because I want to keep going GRRRRRRR!!!!!

Just a crappy start to another week!

I’M TAPPING OUT! My OCD got the better of me :(