God it’s been awhile a lot has happened the last couple of months. It’s a long story but it involved me pretty much having a “nervous breakdown” and some counseling which I’m still attending. It’s sad to say I put back on a few pounds but nothing major but it’s time to get back on track as of TODAY. I’ve experienced a TON of emotions and stress the last several weeks but we all have things that we go through. I have discovered that when you go through major bumps in the road in your life and when you feel your whole world is crashing down on you really see who cares and who doesn’t and you find new friends and people who care for you. So as I type this I am making a pledge to get back on track not only for myself but for my family. Everyday is a new day and it’s what you make of it. I need to start living my life again!! Thanks for reading I will be checking back in soon!!


I’M TAPPING OUT! My OCD got the better of me :(

I’m tapping out, throwing in the white flag, tossing in the towel, however you put it I’m done with my self imposed 30 day weigh in challenge. I will still be working out and will be more active during the evening with my family but I need my scale back NOW!

My OCD has been kicking my ass, my world and routine has changed so much this past week and I just can’t take it anymore. I was in a routine and it’s sad to say my morning weigh in’s were a part of that which made me stay on track and work harder everyday the last couple of weeks have been rough. I would have never thought removing the scale would bother me so much plus it’s other things too. I liked my routine as strange and weird as it is, it’s my routine.

Everyday my day starts with getting up early and getting cleaned up for the day. Then I’m ready for my morning weigh in just to make sure I’m still going in the right direction. Then I make my breakfast with eggs, nuts, fruit, and vitamins. My kids are usually starting to get up because no one here gets up at the same time so I start to make the kids breakfast too. Then we have to usually get mom up and around before dad’s out the door for work. When lunch time comes around I swing by home to make my lunch which lately has been a salad including protein then it’s time for some Facebook and iPad gaming then back to work. After work my wife usually makes dinner and it seems like there is always some sort of meeting, evening activity, or something going on. Then some family time and off to bed to do it all over again.

There has been a TON of crap bothering me this week ,will it be solved if I get my scale back tomorrow morning NO it won’t but it’s something I can control in my crazy head. Also the kids will NEVER talk me into more pets, I want my house back! I better stop venting just in case my wife reads this because I want to keep going GRRRRRRR!!!!!

Just a crappy start to another week!

I’M TAPPING OUT! My OCD got the better of me :(

My Latest Facebook Posting!

Here’s a copy of my latest Facebook posting thought I would share since so many people are asking us how we are losing so much weight.  Feel free to follow me on Facebook too


After getting a couple of requests last night and others wanting more information what Darcie and I are doing the past 4 1/2 months. I have decided to post more pictures, links, recipes, and info on my personal Facebook wall. I apologize to those that don’t want to see it or care but it will be another way to keep us motivated with our healthier weight loss journey and if we can help anyone in the process that would be awesome. Don’t worry I won’t be blasting your wall with posts LOL.

We use the My Fitness Pal app and log every calorie we eat. We have tried to eliminate all processed foods, fast food, and are eating more natural foods. We also stopped drinking soda, alcohol, and sugar drinks. I drink mainly water, water with lemon, and goat’s milk now. We pay attention to labels, servings sizes, and have a kitchen scale to weigh servings. We try to eat lean proteins with every meal. We don’t follow any certain diet plan. We have found the foods we like after trying a bunch of different things the past several months and we exercise when we can.

This is a journey that my family has embraced and I know there are people that have lost more weight than we have and to be honest at first it was all about losing weight now my mindset is changing and I just want my family and myself to be healthy and HAPPY. I know there will be more weight we will lose and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.
My wife posts sometime’s too look for her on Facebook: Darcie Peck
Here’s a link to blogs Darcie and I started on WordPress. I try to update mine every couple of days.

My Blog:

Darcie’s Blog:

My Fitness Pal:

My Fitness Pal Username: supermancollector
(I have changed my settings so anyone should be able to view my food diary.)

I’m an open book and will try to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to follow us on Facebook and on WordPress and please share your tips and recipes too.
Thanks so much if you actually read all of this post LOL 🙂

My Latest Facebook Posting!

Family That Exercises Together Loses Together

We started our Yoga routine Monday night that we found on Hulu and we all lasted about 30 minutes until we switched over to doing other exercises that we knew. We are going to try a different video for beginners and we will see how that goes. The important thing is that we were off our butts and moving around together for about an hour every night and everyone was having a good time without all the gizmos and gadgets in their hands.

I also finally took the plunge and shaved off my beard and what little hair I had left on top of my head and it will defiantly take awhile to get used to it but no more hiding behind a beard, I’m glad to show off what I’ve done and can’t to see what the difference is by the end of summer.

I am also changing my dairy needs over to goat dairy and we are very blessed to live about 4 miles from an Amish ran health food store so we did some shopping Monday night. I think I could spend hours in this place now, we bought fresh laid eggs, goats milk, goats cheese, and some other things but we had to leave because the kiddos were with us and thought spending 30 minutes looking at local healthy food was boring. Not this health nut, do you know how many calories you can burn reading all the labels at a health food store? Well I’m not sure either but it’s more than watching tv LOL.

One more thing before I end this entry. My wife hid the scale, the idea we have is to wait 30 days then remeasure our bodies and weigh ourselves then to see the difference, I hope I can wait that long, I’m already missing the scale. So I’m going to push it hard and make every minute and bite of food count. I can tell you that I’m more sore from what exercises we have been doing the last few nights than when I go to the gym.


Thanks for reading and we will see what tonight brings…..

Family That Exercises Together Loses Together

Today We Start Our 30 Day YOGA Challenge!

Tonight the beard finally came off after three years of covering my heavier face! Tonight we are going to start a 30 day Yoga workout routine every night for the next 30 days to see the results. My wife, my four and five year old, and I are committing to throw something else into our healthier routine and Yoga sounded like a good idea and something we can all do together as a family. We are still going to count our calories and defiantly watch what we eat but this is something we are going to add to see the results and hopefully continue. We plan to hide the scale (I hope), take measurements, and take before & after pictures then wait 30 days to see what happens.

My confidence is growing EVERYDAY and I take pride in how I look and what goes into my body now. Officially down 74 pounds now and feeling AMAZING, we finally got a good snow the other day and I went out and shoveled 7 driveways, last year I would have just zoned out in front of the tv!! I hope in the next month or so my wife says the same thing she is down 36 pounds and looking absolutely GREAT but it took me a while to see the difference that everyone else saw. It will just take time, it wasn’t gained in a day and won’t be lost in a day.

This is NOT a diet, it’s a TOTAL lifestyle change and I couldn’t be more excited to see what our future holds.

Thanks for reading and I will keep you posted if I become a Yogi.

Today We Start Our 30 Day YOGA Challenge!