72 Pounds Gone And Never Coming Back – My Weight Loss Story

Not sure what to blog about today everything is good on the home front so I’ll share a little bit of my weight loss story.

Last October I went to the doctor for a back problem and I got the wake up call that I desperately needed. I was depressed to find out I weighed 320 pounds it’s still embarrassing to admit that! I’ve always been a big guy but never payed attention to my weight or my overall health for that matter. I also found out my blood pressure and blood work was not good to say the least. The nurse even said and I quote “Your playing Russian roulette and you don’t even know it.” I was warned the doctor was going to chew me out, that didn’t really happen but I was put on blood pressure medicine and encouraged to lose some weight to help with my back. The best thing that did happen that day was that my loving wife put her foot in my butt and I started my healthier journey on October 6th, 2014 and I haven’t looked back since.

The first week was the hardest I will admit I dreamed about junk food. This journey has been easier for me because my wife is involved, she is also wanting to get healthier and lose weight. If you have read any of my other blogs the hardest thing lately is getting the kids to eat but it’s getting easier for ALL of us.

Over the past 4 months 13 days yup I’m keeping track. I’ve lost 72 pounds and I’m off the blood pressure medicine. I haven’t even had any heart burn medicine either I used to pop that stuff like candy. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in over 20 years. My wife has lost 34 pounds and I couldn’t be more proud of her. Without her in my life I honestly don’t know where I would be.

My only regret was not taking more pictures of my bigger self. I actually wanted to keep a photo diary but hated my photo being taken and just couldn’t bring myself to do it. However I don’t have that problem now. I’m proud to pose in photos with my wife and kids. This healthier dad feels like he can tackle the world now and it’s an awesome feeling to have.

I’ve put back on almost a pound in the last three days. I’ve kept track of what I’ve been eating and tried to stick within my calorie limit on the My Fitness Pal app but it’s been hard to get a full nights sleep lately and the weather here in central Illinois has been extremely cold and windy so no walking but I’ve got a lot of family time and that’s not bad either. I know this shouldn’t be a big deal but I have a doctors appointment in 26 days and I want to be down at least another 10 pounds, it’s a goal I set for myself hoping I can get there if not I’ve come a long way in a short time already.

The weight loss journey is not easy but it is a journey defiantly worth taking!!

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72 Pounds Gone And Never Coming Back – My Weight Loss Story


When my wife and I first started eating healthier we continued to let the kids eat chicken nuggets, chips, chocolate milk, fast food but just a few weeks into eating better the light bulb went off. HEY, if I’m not going to put this stuff in my body why would I want my kids to eat junk.  So the great food fight began.

My kids were so used to eating junk food that it has been a fight to get them to change their young minds on the new foods we eat. My five year old son Lex (yup he is named after Lex Luthor) was so used to eating chips in a blue bag, let me translate that for you Cool Ranch Doritos and McDonald’s that it’s been a fight to have him try vegetables or fruits. We hear GROSS that stuff looks disgusting well so does a Big Mac now. My four year old daughter who I honestly wouldn’t mind the switch has fought the hardest over our new food choices. She used to want to eat what mommy and daddy ate but not so much anymore. I know it will just take time.

I can’t wait to watch my kids grow up strong, healthy, and confident. I know what it was like to be the fat kid that had no friends and was always picked on and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Tonight it’s chicken taco salads yummy, don’t tell my kiddos but it’s going to have lettuce on it 🙂

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The Gift of the ValenTater!


What did I give my wife on this cold and very windy Valentines Day?  While most women will be getting jewelry, roses, or chocolates, this year I gave my special someone a heart shaped potato or what I’ve called it all day the ValenTater!  Chocolates were not an option this year with our healthier lifestyle and I’m too cheap for roses but my wife did get a love note, daisies (her favorite flower), and the ValenTater.  I will be making Darcie a special but healthy dinner later but I’m stumped should we have ValenTater salad, mashed ValenTater, or baked ValenTater?  I don’t think my wife saw the humor in this gift but that’s how I roll, speaking of rolls I wonder if I can find a heart shaped one.  This give beats the dead flower I gave her one year, yeah it was free so the price was right.  I’m just so romantic but I know this, my wife will never forget getting a heart shaped vegetable for the years most romantic day.

Thanks for reading and Happy Valentine’s Day!!

The Gift of the ValenTater!