Family That Exercises Together Loses Together

We started our Yoga routine Monday night that we found on Hulu and we all lasted about 30 minutes until we switched over to doing other exercises that we knew. We are going to try a different video for beginners and we will see how that goes. The important thing is that we were off our butts and moving around together for about an hour every night and everyone was having a good time without all the gizmos and gadgets in their hands.

I also finally took the plunge and shaved off my beard and what little hair I had left on top of my head and it will defiantly take awhile to get used to it but no more hiding behind a beard, I’m glad to show off what I’ve done and can’t to see what the difference is by the end of summer.

I am also changing my dairy needs over to goat dairy and we are very blessed to live about 4 miles from an Amish ran health food store so we did some shopping Monday night. I think I could spend hours in this place now, we bought fresh laid eggs, goats milk, goats cheese, and some other things but we had to leave because the kiddos were with us and thought spending 30 minutes looking at local healthy food was boring. Not this health nut, do you know how many calories you can burn reading all the labels at a health food store? Well I’m not sure either but it’s more than watching tv LOL.

One more thing before I end this entry. My wife hid the scale, the idea we have is to wait 30 days then remeasure our bodies and weigh ourselves then to see the difference, I hope I can wait that long, I’m already missing the scale. So I’m going to push it hard and make every minute and bite of food count. I can tell you that I’m more sore from what exercises we have been doing the last few nights than when I go to the gym.


Thanks for reading and we will see what tonight brings…..

Family That Exercises Together Loses Together

Beard On Beard Off

I grew a beard almost three years ago to cover up my face and as of today I’ve lost 72 pounds and now I’m seriously thinking about taking it off just to see my skinner face which I haven’t seen in at least 20 years. It’s amazing I never thought I would care how I look but losing this kind of weight has made me feel so much better about myself in ways that I never imagined. My wife has never liked the beard and I said I would never shave it off but I think at this point it’s just a matter of time before it’s gone. I’m just not sure if I should wait for another weight loss milestone or a special occasion.

Please comment and let me know what you think, I will defiantly be taking pictures if it happens.

I listed the Valen-Tater on eBay thinking about making a deal with my wife if the heart shaped potato actually gets a bid the beard will come off this week.

I am sitting here wishing for warmer weather to get here sooner than later, this healthier dad wants to go outside and play with the kiddos, take a walk, and just finally start to enjoy my healthier life.

Thanks for reading!

Beard On Beard Off

I’m just getting healthier, nope I’m not dying!


I wanted to share this side by side I created last month yup this is the difference in just 3 months!!  I’m slowly creeping up on 70 pounds total weight loss I’m hoping to hit that in the next couple of days.  I told my wife when I hit 100 pounds total weight loss I’m shaving off the beard.  I almost did it two weeks ago just to see how my face actually looks, it’s been a long time since I’ve been clean shaven.  My wife has always hated the beard, hmmm so that must be the reason I got a big salad for lunch today.

I’m also starting to feel like kind of a celebrity in the tiny town we live in.  I get questions pretty much everyday how have we lost weight so quickly, what are you doing, what do you eat, how often do you work out, and even are you dying?  Yup someone actually asked if I was dying because my attitude towards EVERYTHING and everyone has changed so much and with dropping so much weight they thought something was seriously wrong.

It’s been a busy day just got back from a work meeting about an hour ago so this won’t be a long entry.

Thanks for reading, more to come soon…..

I’m just getting healthier, nope I’m not dying!