God it’s been awhile a lot has happened the last couple of months. It’s a long story but it involved me pretty much having a “nervous breakdown” and some counseling which I’m still attending. It’s sad to say I put back on a few pounds but nothing major but it’s time to get back on track as of TODAY. I’ve experienced a TON of emotions and stress the last several weeks but we all have things that we go through. I have discovered that when you go through major bumps in the road in your life and when you feel your whole world is crashing down on you really see who cares and who doesn’t and you find new friends and people who care for you. So as I type this I am making a pledge to get back on track not only for myself but for my family. Everyday is a new day and it’s what you make of it. I need to start living my life again!! Thanks for reading I will be checking back in soon!!


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