When my wife and I first started eating healthier we continued to let the kids eat chicken nuggets, chips, chocolate milk, fast food but just a few weeks into eating better the light bulb went off. HEY, if I’m not going to put this stuff in my body why would I want my kids to eat junk.  So the great food fight began.

My kids were so used to eating junk food that it has been a fight to get them to change their young minds on the new foods we eat. My five year old son Lex (yup he is named after Lex Luthor) was so used to eating chips in a blue bag, let me translate that for you Cool Ranch Doritos and McDonald’s that it’s been a fight to have him try vegetables or fruits. We hear GROSS that stuff looks disgusting well so does a Big Mac now. My four year old daughter who I honestly wouldn’t mind the switch has fought the hardest over our new food choices. She used to want to eat what mommy and daddy ate but not so much anymore. I know it will just take time.

I can’t wait to watch my kids grow up strong, healthy, and confident. I know what it was like to be the fat kid that had no friends and was always picked on and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Tonight it’s chicken taco salads yummy, don’t tell my kiddos but it’s going to have lettuce on it 🙂

Thanks for reading….


One thought on “FOOD FIGHT!!

  1. Practically An Adult says:

    I know this fight!!! I am going through this with my 7 year old. She’s a total McMonster and anything that doesn’t begin with a ‘mc’ is pretty foreign.


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