The Gift of the ValenTater!


What did I give my wife on this cold and very windy Valentines Day?  While most women will be getting jewelry, roses, or chocolates, this year I gave my special someone a heart shaped potato or what I’ve called it all day the ValenTater!  Chocolates were not an option this year with our healthier lifestyle and I’m too cheap for roses but my wife did get a love note, daisies (her favorite flower), and the ValenTater.  I will be making Darcie a special but healthy dinner later but I’m stumped should we have ValenTater salad, mashed ValenTater, or baked ValenTater?  I don’t think my wife saw the humor in this gift but that’s how I roll, speaking of rolls I wonder if I can find a heart shaped one.  This give beats the dead flower I gave her one year, yeah it was free so the price was right.  I’m just so romantic but I know this, my wife will never forget getting a heart shaped vegetable for the years most romantic day.

Thanks for reading and Happy Valentine’s Day!!

The Gift of the ValenTater!

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