Welcome to the Diary of a Healthier Dad!

I thought I would start a blog to share my story, views, and opinions so bear with me while I get used to this and learn the ropes.

A little info about myself I’m a happily married man of 8 years to my beautiful wife, a proud papa of two homeschooled preschool aged kids, and a comic book nerd.

It was 4 months ago I got a foot put up my butt to become a more heatly and happier man best of all my family is taking this journey with me.  As of today my wife and I have lost 103lbs in 4 months 3 days, I’ve lost 68lbs and my wife has lost 35lbs and we feel absolutely amazing.  It’s hard work but it’s paying off for this 36 year old dad.

I’m not a health expert by any means but we have found things that are working for us.  It’s not a diet it a total lifestyle change and mindset.

My hope is this blog will give me another reason to stay motivated and stay the course.

More to come soon….

Welcome to the Diary of a Healthier Dad!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Diary of a Healthier Dad!

  1. That is amazing! I lost 60 pounds a while back, but it was because I became seriously ill and couldn’t really eat anything solid for a few weeks. So, I lost a lot of pounds, but it was all at once and I wasn’t able to do it the healthy way. The bright side is that my situation has forced me to adapt a healthier lifestyle. I haven’t had any sweets/snacks for 5 months and likewise with cheese. It’s basically a 6 month challenge that I’m doing to keep away from that and March 1st is when I can finally ease back into that. Naturally, I’m not going to just start cramming it all back in again, but a small snack or cheese sandwich once in a while won’t hurt. Everything in moderation! Looks like a fun blog. 🙂


  2. Welcome to the blogging community! Thanks for stopping by Fearsomebeard and for the follow. I hope you find blogging as fulfilling as I have. I just started 6/1/14 and am referring back to old posts of mine already for reference and inspiration. Congrats on your healthy choices and your accomplishment.


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